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RE Article: Why I won’t let doctors give my 8-year-old son Max the flu vaccine at school

The Daily Mail posts a controversial article about a mom refusing to give her son the flu vaccine

I have mixed feelings regarding Katie Hopkins’s article, posted on “Why I won’t let doctors give my 8-year-old son Max the flu vaccine at school”.

Ms. Hopkins’s article brings to the table, a taboo subject and one that is not discussed enough… The community pressure and bullying against any parent who makes a decision for their child which goes against a majority belief. It does not make any difference if those beliefs are based on indoctrination, and are not actually given any intellectual or common sense thoughts, or even personal research.

In this case, the decision discussed was the hot topic of vaccines. For anyone to speak out against any vaccine (no matter the reason) invites bullying, and abuse to rain down upon their heads. Sometimes speaking out on this subject is the equivalent of what can only be described as career suicide.

Ms. Hopkins personal account:
When Max brought home a form from school a few weeks back requesting permission to give him a flu vaccination, my immediate reaction was no.

Ms. Hopkins delves into her reasoning for deciding that Max was not going to be receiving the flu vaccine, which was, in my opinion, solid reasons. That is UNTIL she says the following:

Perhaps my strongest argument of all is that I don’t mind if Max gets the flu this winter. He’ll probably be off school for a day and then crack on as normal.

But you could argue that if Max gets it, he might give it to another child who is not so healthy, one who is high-risk with asthma – so social responsibility dictates you should vaccinate your low-risk child for the benefit of high-risk others.

But honestly, I am just not that good a person.
Not that good a person?

This is where my head spins.  My desire to cheer at Katie Hopkins ended there.

Nevermind the fact that Ms. Hopkins left out mentioning a plethora of available very good reasons to NOT get the flu vaccine that she could have mentioned…but she then creates this illusion that the reason people who decide not to vaccinate are because they are actually self-centered arseholes. At least this is the way it sounds to me.

While on one hand, I wanted to stand up and clap for Ms. Hopkins for speaking out about her opinion, no matter how unpopular her stance may be, on the other I felt that this might actually be a vax pushing propaganda piece disguised as a vaccine choice voice.

The other irritation is Ms. Hopkins actually praises the HPV vaccine!

Ms. Hopkins states:

I’m not anti-vaccine. My three children are all up-to-date with all their jabs. I could not be more grateful to the NHS for the HPV vaccinations to protect both my daughters from cervical cancer.

The HPV is the most controversial vaccine available to the public. There are many studies showing at the very least it still needs true safety studies done before we can deem it safe, and at the very worst, it may actually be the most dangerous vaccine ever to have been created.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Mumsnet Mafia’standing outside school, wagging their tongues in the judgment of all other parents” quote=”I do, however, want to applaud Ms. Katie on her recognition of the “Mumsnet Mafia” as she “affectionately” refers to them… the mothers standing outside the school, wagging their tongues in the judgment of all other parents if they dare to make a decision different than their own.”]

I also want to thank Ms. Hopkins for putting herself out there, open to criticism for voicing her true opinions, and for bringing attention to the amount of bullying those receive who dare deviate from mainstream indoctrination.

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