District Attorney of Sacramento’s son Suffered an Injury After Her Son Was Vaccinated with the HPV Vaccine

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Summary of Sacramento Bee Article: She’s prosecuted rapists and murderers without batting an eye. But what happened to her son was devastating

Anne Marie Schubert, the district attorney of Sacramento, took her son to the mountains for some hiking when he tripped and fell, causing him muscle pain. Shubert took her son to the doctors to have it checked out the next morning. Like so many stories we have heard, bring your child to the doctor for one reason, and the doctors will find a way to make the visit a reason to give the kid a vaccine.

Schubert’s 12-year-old son was given the HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine), and not too long after, he passed out, falling backward and slamming his head hard onto the floor.enough to cause a severe skull fracture on the floor.

The district attorney’s son now suffers permanent repercussions stemming from the fall, after his HPV vaccine. He is deaf in his right ear, and can no longer enjoy listening to music the way he did previously. He also suffers from ringing in his ears, and his mother worries about the fact that he might not be able to hear a car coming his way if he is walking down the street.