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Let’s Build A Community That Supports Each Other!

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We have just launched brand new community forums! 

Please visit the new forums –  Yes, they are a bit barren at the moment, but the only way to get them active is for people to join and start posting away!

My Plea to the community

As some of you may know, my son was sick for many years.  As he was given a red herring diagnosis, I ignorantly kept vaccinating him.  When he kept getting sick directly after the vaccines, I questioned it, but I trusted doctors, and I shook the notion off as “silly” because I thought surely if there was a problem with vaccines, everyone would know by now.  I had no idea there was a jump in the vaccination schedule from the 1980s from 10 to 72+ doses of vaccines, and I had no idea of the ingredient changes, as well as the zero liability law. But I digress…

My son ended up in the hospital multiple times from enterocolitis, failure to thrive, bowel obstructions, and food intolerance.   We would stay for 4 months, 6 months at a clip.  I was a  very young mom, and I was so alone. I couldn’t work as I had to watch and take care of my very sick son, and I couldn’t afford meals at the hospital every day.  I often curbed my hunger by eating Lorna Doones from the hospital vending machine.  Other times I was just very hungry.

The doctor told me to 'hope for the best, but expect the worst'Click To Tweet

Four separate times my son almost died.  One particular time my son came so close to dying, his body just gave up completely.  It is truly a miracle that he lived.  They had just used Vancomycin what is known as the last resort antibiotics, and my son was not tolerating it.  He had sepsis, and his temperature which was extremely high was now dropping fast to way below normal.  The doctor told me his body had stopped fighting the infection, and to “hope for the best, but expect the worst”.   The doctor then left the room, and I sat there all alone in the rocking chair holding my precious son.

I wanted to scream out to the world for anyone to help!Click To Tweet

I felt beyond devastated. There really are no words to describe the helpless feeling from a mother holding her baby, for what would most likely be the last time. I wanted to scream out to the world for anyone to help!  I was so alone and had no one.  As I was a young mother, all of my friends went on with their lives having zero responsibility fun (just as young people should be) and as none of them had children, none of them could come close to understanding the pain I was going through.

I barely coped during that time and it is amazing I made it.  It is also truly a miracle my son survived.  Three years of his life was practically lived in the hospital. We would be in for 4 months, leave and I would take him to his doctors visit where they would catch him up on vaccines. Within a week or two he would be right back in for another 4 – 6 months rinse and repeat.

My point is, I don’t want anyone to ever feel as alone and desperate as I felt, ever again.  I want to provide a place for people to support parents going through the roughest times of their lives, and I want to help them not to feel alone.

Please help me build a community where we can support these hurting families.

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What we hope for on the boards:

  1. We hope to build a closer community of vaccine information/ safety activists.
  2.  We hope to provide a place where we can share action alerts quickly, or news of bills, events, rallies, and petitions.  This will allow us all to act together as a large team, and to act quickly to deter mandatory vaccination bills or trampling of our freedom and rights.
  3. We hope to help promote go fund me or donations to those who need it.
  4. We hope to have a safe haven for parents on the fence to come and ask questions about vaccines, and receive answers from non-pharma funded trolls.
  5. We hope to give emotional support and or prayers upon request for families in desperate need.

Thank you,

-Veritas Dolor


7 thoughts on “Let’s Build A Community That Supports Each Other!

  1. This is a great idea. If it’s going to have a practical effect I hope it spreads to the UK. Have you got a name for your new forum or is it just “vactivists”? I think it would be good if you put that in big letters at the top so people know what to look for, and remember it.

    1. Thank you, I really hope everyone can see the power we all can have joining together! Facebook groups are limited, and you have to sift through all the posts. We can be organized on the forums with tagging and threads. We can alert everyone if there are emergencies, and support each other.!

      The forums will be known as vActivists Forums (vaccine activists). Thank you so much for visiting, I hope to see you there!

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