Let’s Build A Community That Supports Each Other!

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We have just launched brand new community forums!  Please visit the new forums –  Yes, they are a bit barren at the moment, but the only way to get them active is for people to join and start posting away! My Plea to the community As some of you may know, my son was… Read more…

RE: Article ‘My Teenage Daughter Is Refusing the HPV Vaccine”

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Propaganda Articles Regarding HPV Vaccines This blog post is regarding the article called “My Teenage Daughter is Refusing the HPV vaccine” posted on This garbage HPV propaganda article, written by Laurie Lichtenstein, is about how her daughter Julia was refusing to receive the HPV vaccine. A Mother’s Hypocrisy Laurie Lichtenstein calls her daughter naive. … Read more…

Our Friend Norma from needs us!

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Dear Friends and Fellow Vaccine Choice / Information Activists, Our friend Norma Erickson, President of SaneVax, had a terrible accident recently and was severely injured.  She had to have surgery and will be facing a huge period of recovery which could be six months to a year. While she is at home trying to recover, she… Read more…