A Mom Shares Her Experience With Pertussis / Whooping Cough

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The 100 Day Cough We have all seen the horror stories about Pertussis aka Whooping Cough, posted all over the internet, and social media sites. I have watched the most horrific stories, and YouTube videos depicting the worst of the worst cases.  Children who cough so hard, they are unable to catch their breath. The… Read more…

Regarding: The Measles Outbreak in Romania and Measles Facts

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Intro -by Veritas Dolor: We have all seen the splash headings lately regarding a terrible outbreak of measles in Romania. Headings like: “Measles kills 17 unvaccinated children in Romania!” I was even attacked with the heading on social media by Vax-pushing Trolls. My response to this is simple and sincere. I am very saddened for… Read more…