Open Letter RE: Denver 7 New’s Piece “The high cost of vaccine-preventable diseases in Colorado”

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This post is an open letter regarding the Denver 7 news piece “The high cost of vaccine-preventable diseases in Colorado”. The following letter, was written by Vaccine Information / Choice Activist,  @SadeDandelion and emailed to Denver 7. Below the letter is Denver 7’s Response.   @SadeDandelion‘s Letter: Hello Ms. Allen, I was shocked at your… Read more…

Huffington Post Censors Another Reporter /Author

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  Martha Rosenberg Commits Heresy in the Eyes of Mainstream News Martha Rosenberg, a reporter who says she has been with The Huffington Post for 7 years, wrote an article that is considered taboo.  The article subject? — Vaccines.  More specifically, she wrote an article that tried to elicit common sense thinking, in an upside… Read more…